Matthias Pugin

Studio Pugin Design



22 Antworten to “About”

  1. Hi,
    Can you tell me more about this design? I would like to make a post on it for Yanko Design!

  2. Jenny said

    Hi! I’m doing a project and I was wondering if you could price your cube desk, approximately how much would you price it at? Thank you!


  3. Marco said

    Hi! where can I buy phone & swatch?


  4. Alan Polsky said

    Hey, I’m a movie producer and i really like where your imagination is. Id love to talk about your ideas and where you are regarding actually creating prototypes. Are you ever in LA?…US?

  5. wijsen said

    is the clock available?

  6. Melanie said

    Is your clock available? I just read about it in Vanity Fair – it’s brilliant!
    Melanie in the U.S.

  7. Judy Dundee said

    When is the switchital clock ready for purchase?

  8. Kristan said

    Is the switchital clock available for purchase?

  9. Betsy Berry Graham said

    Do you know when WILL the Switchital clock be out of prototype stage and available for purchase in the U.S.? And where will it be sold? Thanks–

  10. When is the Switchital clock available?

  11. Also love the clock that I saw in Vanity Fair,
    just looked it up to see if it was available
    for purchase.

  12. Sarah Singleton said

    Also chasing availability on the wonderful clock featured in Vanity Fair…….can we buy it yet?

  13. Amina h Khan said

    Please let me know about the Switchital clock too…I have a son who is nuts about science and its the perfect birthday present…not much time! Thanks

  14. REUBEN HURST said

    Hi is the switchital available for purchase?

  15. Jane de Vries said

    Is the clock switchital available?
     Jane from Australia.

  16. ron collins said

    How do I buy your products…eg clock?

  17. Jill said

    Dear Sir,
    Is the clock available if purchase yet? if so, where?
    Many thanks, Jill

  18. Mary Kelly said

    Is the Switchital Clock available for purchase yet?

  19. Mary Kelly said

    Is the Switchital Clock available

  20. Vadim Rykhter said

    Hallo Ich bin aus Russland, haben Sie einige sehr interessante Dinge! Ich möchte ein Geschenk für meine Eltern zu kaufen, kontaktieren Sie mich bitte an oder schreiben Sie meine E-Mail

  21. Adam schiff said

    Is the switchital clock available in the us?

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